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Commercial properties Sydney There are a number of big decisions to be made when thinking about purchasing a commercial property.

While many potential business owners put the majority of their focus on cost, you also have to consider things like tax depreciation, consumer confidence, and the area where your business is going to be located. The good news with the latter element is that the NAB Commercial Property Index is as high as it has been in 4 years, but there are only certain regions and sectors that are fueling that positive growth. More...

Property Tax Depreciation

If you own a commercial or residential property, you should know about tax depreciation. This depreciation is applicable on the assessable taxable income of the investment property. More...

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Brisbane Storey BridgePrices in the Australian real estate market are on the rise, and that means that many people have been forced to start thinking about where they can reasonably afford to live. Downsizing has become a common trend now, which may help explain why the demand for granny flats and secondary dwellings is growing on an almost daily basis. In fact, the most recent numbers taken from tax depreciation schedules suggests that the number of granny flats being constructed in Western Brisbane suburbs has grown by almost 25% in just 2 years. That trend is also taking place across the rest of the country, with granny flat construction going up by about 9% over that same two year period. More...

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Depreciation is not always a dirty word. When it comes to Sydney property and property taxes depreciation can really be beneficial when property taxes are due to be paid. It works much the same way automobile depreciation works; you can claim any normal wear and tear on your vehicle in order to receive monetary reimbursement for loss on the investment. More...

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In a recent report conducted by Quality Surveyors home prices in Sydney suburbs will have large value increases. The report suggests there will be about 12 percent growth in about 15 suburbs, which some include Homebush, Petersham, and Ryde. In recent years though, these particular areas have been overshadowed by more popular neighbourhoods.
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Property Depreciation

Taking the time to make all the renovations and repairs that are required mean that you can take advantage of a property tax depreciation schedule.

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Tax Depreciation Schedule

Property investment is big business and one that can very quickly go south if the property owner does not manage that investment as well as humanly possible. One way to do that is to be aware of the legitimate tax claims that can be made on the property. One that is often forgotten about by many is depreciation, as the structure and fixtures will deteriorate over time and potentially lessen the value of the building.

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Tax Depreciation Help

Melbourne tax depreciation is more effective when the right property is selected.
Location, position, aspect

The big 4 banks and some smaller lenders have seen fit to increase their fixed term interest rates. Could be time to speak with your mortgage broker and assess where this is going? Up to date tax depreciation schedules along with the the best mortgage interest rate are 2 key priorities in your smart tax strategy.

Scores of property investors in Melbourne are sitting on a relative gold mine that they know nothing about and are missing out on thousands of dollars of extra income each year. Read the whole article.

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The Reserve Bank has again lowered interest rates making investment property very affordable. Some rates as low as 4.5%. The change of government has been very positive for Quantity Surveying. A depreciation schedule prepared by Asset Economics, Tax Depreciation specialists, is crucial for managing effectively any investment property.

Regarding share investments, Melbourne investors would need to study net present value (NPV) or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation. Property seems simpler. Saving money on tax depreciation is simple.

Statistics from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) suggest that only 30 per cent of property investors claim depreciation for the available capital works deductions, and 19 per cent claim the depreciation of plant and equipment assets.