Due Diligence inspections Melbourne comprehensive report

Due Diligence inspections in Melbourne and provide a comprehensive report

Carry out Due Diligence inspections and provide a comprehensive report outlining any non compliance, and providing advice on the best way to bring the building into compliance.

Example 1:Our organisation was engaged to carry out a due diligence inspection on a commercial property in Ashburton in Melbourne for a client who wished to purchase the property.

The outcome of the inspection showed that there were many compliance issues with the building and when costed out by the client’s quantity surveyors, the rectification work would cost an estimated $500,000, the client then negotiated a price $700,000 less than the initial asking price.

Example 2:A client was interested in merging with another provider in the Residential Aged Care Industry. The merger involved the taking over the control of 35 Aged Care Facilities Australia Wide including a local facility in Brunswick.

Under legislation all Aged Care Facilities must be certified by the Department of Health & Ageing as being compliant under the Aged Care Certification Guidelines. The facilities in question had been issued with certificates from a building certifier, stating that they met the requirements of the Aged Care Certification Guidelines.

As an Accredited Assessor for the Department of Health & Ageing, we were engaged to carry out an assessment of 5 of the buildings. Upon inspection from our organisation, it was evident that the facilities did not meet the requirements and after reading our report, the client rejected the merger. An audit of 3 of the 35 facilities by the government found the facilities did not meet the Aged Care Certification Guideline requirements and the upgrade works to the 3 facilities was estimated at over $2,000,000.

The client in question saved approximately $1,000,000,000.