Dilapidation reports Melbourne

Dilapidation reports on Melbourne properties adjoining major construction works

Dilapidation reports are completed by our local Melbourne quantity surveyors in documenting the condition of a property or building.

Dilapidation reports on Melbourne properties adjoining major construction works that could be affected by the ground movement involved in the construction.

We have carried out inspections in Melbourne properties adjoining development earthworks, bridge & road construction, high – rise developments, shopping centres and government infrastructure.

We inspect prior to construction commencement and again at the completion of the project, provide a written report with photographic evidence, to ensure any existing damage is not falsely claimed against the contractor involved in the Melbourne construction works.

Example: On many projects, Melbourne property owners have lodged a claim for damage that was supposedly caused by the construction work, but the damage was evident at the time of the first inspection, prior to the commencement of the works, and was documented with photographic evidence, in the initial report.

Needless to say the companies involved were able to have the claims dismissed.

  • Dilapidation reports are undertaken prior to the commencement of excavations, building works or boring on an adjoining property.
  • A dilapidation report is a report on the condition, but does not include defects. Our comprehensive reports are completed to a standard accepted by Councils, Insurance Companies and Water Boards.

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