Body Corporate Melbourne Sinking Funds

Melbourne Sinking Funds

Asset Economics (AE Melbourne) will provide an easily understood sinking fund forecast for Body Corporates and individuals. This will allow your clients or fellow owners assurance and knowledge that your fund set aside will be sufficient to meet with the regular expenses without the need to raise special levies.

The AEMelbourne approach is one of close consultation, detailed site inspection, understanding the requirements and a balanced outcome at a realistic cost.

Asset Economics Melbourne has prepared over 4,000 Sinking Fund Plans for all types of buildings, from duplexes to the largest schemes across Australia.

We use maintenance costing rates that are reasonable but not excessive, so that the Owners Corporation is not unknowingly contributing excess funds.

Our reports include suggestions to lengthen the life and/or reduce the maintenance costs of items, which save you money. 

We have over 10 years experience in Melbourne and a thorough legislative and practical understanding of what is and should be included and classified as common property.

We are fully insured for $10,000,000 Public Liability and $2,000,000 per claim Professional Indemnity.

For Melbourne Body Corporate Managers we ensure:

 - Reports which can be easily read and understood by anybody;

 - Communication that means important issues are discussed and your time is not wasted with unnecessary Phone calls or emails;

 - Inspectors who are fully trained building industry professionals with decades of combined experience in report generation and maintenance/new project management. 


The contents of an AEMelbourne Sinking Fund Forecast:

 - Cover page with photo of building;

 - Report Summary;

 - 15 year spreadsheet detailing all requirements;

 - 15 year cash flow table;

 - 15 year annual total contributions table;

 - The first 5 years of individual lot contributions; and

 - Summary of annual expenditure.

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